When it comes to anything related to forklifts, we can't be beat!
Solid Lifting Service Inc. provides on site service repairs, preventative maintenance, yearly inspection. Our company is set up to service all types of lifting devices.
Solid Lifting Service Inc. provides annual inspection, emission testing according to government guidelines.
Battery maintenance is quite essential for electric lifting devices. We offer a preventative maintenance to make sure that you get maximum life from your battery.



Our rates are cheap and can't be beat!
Here is some information about our charges.


Service Call Hours

Our service call hours are as follows:
Monday to Friday: xx - xx
Saturday: xx - xx
Sunday: xx - xx



Sometimes you only need to rent.
There are times when you only need a lifting device for a short period.
Solid Lifting Service Inc. understands this. That's why on top of sales, we also offer rentals.
Call or Email us today and we'll set you up with lifting device suited for your needs.